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9 December 2014

Reggie, the RSPCA dog, guides us through a map and gets festive

Over the last year, I've had the pleasure of working with the RSPCA branch in the Cotswolds on their branding for a new cats and dogs home, which also led to illustrating their real-life and very lovable mascot, Reggie.

The logo came first and depicts a dog, cat and rabbit - which are the three key animal groups to be catered for in the new home. They are currently in the midst of fund-raising and if you want to find out more about the home and help make it a reality, then follow this link.

To raise awareness of what the home will functionally do, I was re-commissioned to illustrate a series of scenes featuring Reggie, the dog, taking you on a tour of the home. The map illustration, in the centre of the spread, is by fellow Drawn in Bristol studio illustrator, Hannah Bailey.

Reggie is quite the personality. So much so that the RSPCA asked me to illustrate Reggie in Christmas mode for a set of fundraising Christmas cards. While they had a few ideas for what should go on the cards, they weren't overly prescriptive and I was able to make my own suggestions for amusing and/or suitable festive scenarios. Below are the results.