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23 October 2014

Knock Knock - collaborating with Laura Wady

I don't often put on an exhibition of my own work and I've never done an exhibition quite like this one. 'Knock Knock' is a collaborative series of ten original, hand-painted artworks, which I've been working on with fellow illustrator, Laura Wady.

We've known that we've shared lots of similar inspiration for certain series of our own artworks, one of which is the notion of dressing-up, play and masks. With that as a starting point, we decided to create ten characters in fancy dress. One of us started with the head area and the other with the body and then we swapped the artworks over for the other to complete.

The exhibition will be inside 'The Snug' which is a side-room to the downstairs Cafe Bar at Tobacco Factory. The room is home to an odd collection of curios and books and is a more intimate setting - one that I think suits the resulting artworks from our collaboration.

Opening night is on 30th October, from 7pm and all are welcome.