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28 July 2014

Maximum Joy - Geometrical type

Long-running club night, Alfresco Disco, hosted another secret-location party recently and I had the pleasure of devising a creative way of artworking the words 'MAXIMUM JOY' to serve as visuals for the night.

These promoters know how to put on a good party, but they also know the value in getting something new and unique to them, particularly when it comes to the look and vibe of a night. A tight budget and time-scale on this particular event meant some thrifty thinking on how to effectively portray the MAXIMUM JOY words in a quick, yet effective fashion.

The venue, being on the top floor of the Arnolfini / Bush House building, boasts incredible panoramic views of Bristol's harbour and waterfront and it seemed advantageous to make use of the windows surrounding the loft space, but without blocking the evening Summer sunlight.

I focused on constructing a design that used a single shape that could then form a patterned grid, out of which the words could be revealed by removing shapes to create negative space - important space to be able to look through. By sourcing large sheets of coloured acetate, it was a simple matter of cutting out 400 of these identical shapes to then use on the windows.

Before installation, I'd already mapped out each window exactly to work out which shape went where, to save time on the single day we had to set up. I used spray mount to fix the acetate onto the glass, to ensure an easy post-event-cleanup.

The same colours and shapes I carried over to decorate the front of the DJ booth, along with a single infamous Alfresco stag logo.

And to further celebrate this slogan and to pull the focus towards the music, as the night crept in, I adapted the window design to a static visual projected behind the DJ booth that faded between four colour-ways and the stag logo.

Look out for more Alfresco Disco action. This one sold-out in under 24 hours.

lead and final photo credit: Kane Rich