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15 April 2014

Drawing buildings and crowds for Bristol's Big Market

Bristol's Big Market is part of Bristol's Big Green Week and, if previous year's successes are anything to go by, this year should be another incredible event. Stretching all the way down Corn Street and off into the surrounding roads, it quite literally is the biggest market for the city.

The design brief was to capture an essence of the atmosphere and location of the market with an illustration. Corn Street has a number of remarkable buildings with heaps of fine detail, stunning sculptures and great architecture, towering over the, what can feel like, quite a narrow road. Referencing photos and memories of last year's market I noted how the street is transformed when the colourful stalls are in place and especially when the sun beams down into the market, flooding the central street with light.

Working from my own photographs of key buildings along the street, I sketched up an image that combined many of the elements of the buildings, focusing on an atmosphere rather than an exact replica of the street. I then drew out a series of different people in various states of shopping and walking. I scanned these all in along with some watercolour washes and experiments. These experimental textured washes formed my palette for the people, which I pieced together digitally.

The resulting illustration formed the main focus of the design, with the header, logo and key information sitting within the image. This will be now be used as a promotional advert and as the front of the event flyer. I'll be working on a map to go on the flyer's reverse.