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15 March 2014

Hot Feet

Last night I went to see Hot Feet supporting on Sam Brookes' tour. Sam was excellent, of course, but I wanted to post about Hot Feet as I've been a long-time supporter of their music, having promoted a number of gig nights for them in the past (Feel the Folk) and kept in touch with them for many years.

Their opening set last night was finely tuned and wonderful to listen to with Marianne's vocals cutting through the noise of the packed Hold Bar at Grain Barge. Jack, Lachlan and Rob were on top form too and it was clear that a busy gig schedule and various radio appearances has honed their sound, since I last saw them, well over a year ago.

With the ever-attentive Kit McKenzie on sound and good chums Amy and Sophie by my side, it was a splendid evening.

Buy Hot Feet's latest EP here.