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27 March 2014

Hexagon pop-up shops

Opening from April are two pop-up shops in Quaker's Friars, Cabot Circus, Bristol. And yes, for those who know all about shopping independently, these are familiar faces: Paper Scissors Stone and Made in Britain return.

But, with a new hexagonal look on their joint flyer.

The design process, in this instance, began with a discussion with Bryony Morgan, the mind behind Made in Bristol, as to what the role of this flyer should be. We talked about how people respond to adverts, a flyer's longevity and whether it could have multi-purpose roles.

Previous joint flyers had advertised one shop on each side, which - while providing a dedicated space for more information about what each shop had to offer - the viewer would only ever see one side, when casually glancing at it, and may never realise the double-sided and double-advantage of going to the same area for both shops.

We also wanted to avoid a sell-by date on the flyer - i.e. including a date for a launch or specifying a time period the shops were open for. By removing any mention of a date, then all the printed flyers could be used to advertise the shops, the website and be placed in various locations or given out to customers, without them being veiwed as defunct promotional media.

Finally we wanted to create something that could be seen as a piece of artwork in its own right, maybe even something that a viewer would pin up somewhere. Conceptually, we wanted to hint at a working creative community. The interlocking nature and strength of a beehive honeycomb structure seemed to convey this idea.

Drawing on a colour palette, provided by fellow designer Dan Hayman, and working with hexagonal shapes, inspired by honeycombs, we developed a pattern that could be tweaked to create an eye-catching flyer front that doesn't give too much away.

Carrying over the hexagon shapes and colours to the back of the flyer, provided a link to the front. Information was kept to an absolute minimum, with the onus on the viewer to play detective and find out more.

The flyer is printed on matt stock card, softening the colours, lending a slight screen-printed aesthetic to the artwork and the white space - on the reverse - allowing and easy-to-take-notes surface.

The hexagon shapes and colours will also be used in the window displays and interiors of both shops, lending coherence to the whole brand.

I'll be knocking back a launch-night tipple on 2nd April - more details here - while checking out the world of handmade gifts and artwork from talented Bristol (and beyond) people. Come join.

front and back of A6 flyer design

early trial pattern idea

various ideas for the flyer at work-in-progress stage