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17 June 2013

Mural for Creation Development Trust

Blaengarw Workmen's Hall

At the beginning of this month, I was to be found in Blaengarw Workmen's Hall painting a 8m x 3m mural for Creation Development Trust. The theme of the mural was "a walk down memory lane" and I had been in communication with the team in Blaengarw finding out about their local area and some of its history. Contributions to the mural also came from local school children and their families.

I sketched out various characters from this research and placed them onto a larger sketch for the mural, which I then projected onto the wall and spent day 1 (of 4) getting in the main background colours.

(end of day 1 - main background colour sprayed in and outlining complete for characters)

With only four days to complete the whole mural I asked Creation Trust if they had any volunteers to come and help paint with me, so over the following days there were some wonderful people who put in the hours filling in bits of the mural, along to the delightful sounds of Radio 2.

It was still a 60 hour job for myself, so some very early starts and late finishes, but completely worth it. Creation Trust run a local cafe, which provided delicious grub and I'd stuffed my mp3 player full of music to see me through the late hour shift.

(end of Day 2)
(part way through Day 3 with various assistants from Creation Trust)
(projecting in another character that a local school-child suggested of a man picking berries - a memory of that child's father)
(end of Day 3 - end almost in sight - plenty of detail to add still)
(mining sheep and horse with coal cart)
(close up of mining sheep)
(memory of local swimming baths and outdoor pool)
(the movie 'Very Annie Mary' was filmed in the Garw Valley)
(a welsh dragon carnival costume)
(Jack Azzirati was a local legend and owner of 'Station Cafe' - famous for his pie making)
(Completed mural - rather pleased about the placement of the lamps fitting the front headlights of the train)