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2 May 2013

Screen-printing Lizzie Murray EP

Bristol is a city teaming with all kinds of music. One young lady leading the way is Lizzie Murray, a bright talent writing fragile songs spun together with delicate electronica, rooted down by an obvious love of contemporary folk.

She asked me if I'd like to illustrate, design and screen-print the artwork for her new three-track EP, which I, of course, agreed to.

Having known Lizzie for a while, I was aware that much of her creative song-writing has occurred in the night hours and that she sometimes struggled to switch off, searching for precious moments of sleep. This background fed into the thought process for the artwork's suggestion of night and the question as to whether she is asleep or still searching.

Working from a photo taken in my studio, I produced a drawing which I then digitally produced four tonal variations of. As the final product was to be screen-printed onto a natural, brown, card stock it was important to discover a pleasing level of contrast across the artwork. My aim was to have a hair-line balance between the delicate shadows of the original drawing, with the darker tones that a screen-print of this nature would naturally bring.

You can buy the album digitally from here or the physical, screen-printed EP from the lady herself at her gigs.

"Bristol singer songwriter Lizzie Murray is breaking in to the music scene... with her heart-wrenching velvet vocals, delicate guitar playing, ambient soundscapes & folk/trip-hop influences"
(Drunken Werewolf)

The original drawing of Lizzie

Screen-printing test of four variations in contrast levels on the drawing


Lizzie dropped by to print a few too.