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23 April 2013

Temple Quay Market - illustration, logo and map

front of A5 flyer
Every month there is a lovely food market in Bristol at Temple Quay. I was commissioned to create an illustrated A5 flyer that could double-up as a poster, as well as a logo that reflected the already existing Temple Quay brand.

My choice of colours for the logo and flyer were drawn from the colours of the umbrellas used in the market. I requested a list of the various stalls that are usually present at the market and sketched out some of the many delicious items you can buy. Using the 'Q' shape, I drew these items to fit that, along with descriptive words that help sum up the ethos behind the market. The 'Q' shape also mirrors the shape of the area within which the market is held.

back of A5 flyer
It was important that the map was simplified down to key roads and landmarks to emphasis how local and easy it was to get to and access the market. The final product was printed on thick, matt stock to enable notes to be written on it and to further emphasis the tactile, earthy and organic nature of the market.