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19 November 2012

Mural & Signage for Alfresco Disco

Back in August those lovely chaps from Alfresco Disco invited me to paint up some signage and a rather large mural for their "Welcome to the Sambadrome" party. Fellow Drawn in Bristol member Alexia Tucker assisted with the painting, beyond the call of duty, as their was a heck of a lot to do in a short space of time. Also, thanks to Liv Bargman for her contributions to the smaller signs.

Large lettering behind mural.
Mega signage for outside stage.
Alexia Tucker being amazing painting in the pattern
Filling out the pattern while 'Alfresco Disco' gets set up around us.
Pattern complete and extra detail about to be added to face.
Mural ready for the party ~ and it's transformation...
The beginnings of the mural transformation...
Starting to hint at what's coming...
The skull appears...
Extra patterns and teeth added
The finished transformation ~ party now in full swing...
View from the decks ~ you can just about spy the large signage in the background.