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3 September 2012

Screen-printing the Drawn in Bristol calendar

image: Slumber

My finished page from the calendar in the drying rack
Over the last few weeks I've been very busy screen-printing the entire Drawn in Bristol calendar for 2013, which is launching this Thursday at Colston Hall's 'the Glass Room' (in Bristol). All details are at the bottom of this blog post or click here.

I selected North Street, as it's an area of Bristol that I'm very familiar with, having lived near there and, for a short period on it, for about five years. I love the independent flavour of the whole road and that you can pretty much find all the essentials (and more!) along the one road. I've plenty of happy memories strolling along the stretch of North Street, on a sunny day, bumping into friends and browsing the shops. 

Just after the first layer of my artwork was printed
When it came to figuring out how to depict the road for the calendar, I originally had map-like visions in mind or a single shot of one area of North Street. The map idea stuck, but I began to be inspired by the natural growth and development of North Street over the years I've known it. It's always changing and certainly in the last few years has become even more of a united whole along the entire street, with exciting, interesting and varied independent businesses springing up or becoming more established. Translating that notion into a plant like form seemed apt and it was a good challenge to space out the stems of each leaf so they approximately corresponded to where those place are along the road.

I'm sure that the landscape of North Street will change in 2013, but that's just the way things go. My artwork captures a moment. Yes, I've some definite favourite places along the stretch that you're likely to often find me frequenting, so it was a joy to obviously include them. 

Artwork by Naomi Hocking (Park Street)
Each page of the calendar is a 2-colour screen-print. Each of the artists were given four colours to choice a combination of 2 out of.

I set aside two weeks to print 60 copies of the whole calendar. This equates to quite a lot of "pulls" in screen-printing terms, so my arms are just about recovering! Plenty of evenings were spent in the Drawn in Bristol screen-printing area, methodically lining up the screens and printing away. It was a good challenge for me to expose and screen-print other people's artwork. Everyone approaches creating artwork in a different manner and so the variety of imagery to print meant I had to adapt my printing technique to suit the image, depending on, for example, the amount of solid colour that had to go down, or the complexity of detail that I had to ensure was coming out, in full, on each print.

Music definitely helped keep me going, as well as some sugary snacks, good company and perhaps the occasional beverage. The whole job has certainly not quashed my love of screen-printing. If anything it's increased it.
Once the calendar was completely printed we invited the artists together to pack the calendar, sign a set of 10 prints, one of which will be framed for the Colston Hall exhibition. It was fantastic to reveal their page, from the calendar, to the artist who had designed it.
Proudly holding up my image from the calendar.

Below are details about the launch and click here if you want to see more shots of the calendar being printed...
☆ Thursday 6 September  6pm - 8pm ☆
the Glass Room, Colston Hall
with live music from
world folk act Nasrudin
Twelve members of local illustration collective Drawn in Bristol collaborate
to create a unique calendar celebrating all things Bristol.
to buy the whole A3 size 2-colour screen-printed calendar!

Alexia Tucker, Ben Goodman, Bethan Buss, Carys Ink, Chris Dickason, Dave Bain, Katy Christianson, Martha Ford, Naomi Hocking, Paul Roberts, Sarah Barnes and Slumber.

Each illustrator has chosen to reproduce an iconic place in the city, including Christmas Steps, North Street, Brunel's ss Great Britain and the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path, to name a few.

Using a specially selected colour palette the resulting artwork is handprinted as two-colour screen-prints and presented as framed, signed limited editions.

All the original designs are screen-printed onto high quality paper stock and collated together to form a special calendar for 2013.
~ all are welcome ~
to view the working process behind this exhibition click here
to RSVP click here