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11 July 2012

Shoe sole & insole design for Clarks

I've not been able to blog about this one for a while as it's been under wraps, but now I can announce that Clarks have rolled out nationally a new black shoe/trainer 'Frontside' with the sole and insole designed & illustrated by yours truly. Available either as a lace-up or velcro, my design focused on optical illusions and structures that you might find in skate parks. When you place the shoes together you can also read the word 'Clarks' across the bottom. I'll post some more photos, when I receive my complimentary pair, as I've just lifted the photo snaps from around the web.

My line work, with the highlights to bring out the word Clarks. You can place the right shoe high to read Clarks again across the lower half.


The tag design that will be on each pair of shoes

Velcro version

a sneaky glimpse of the insole design