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22 November 2011

Live Drawing at Venturefest

Photo courtesy of Lorna Picton (http://www.flickr.com/photos/venturefestfestival/)
What with all the Pop-Up Shop action I've been a little slow on blogging recently.

Just the other week the lovely Lorna Picton (an incredible drawer) invited me to draw at 'Venturefest' (3rd Nov) alongside illustrators Natalie Al Tahhan, Benjamin Bones & Liv Bargman, as well as some tip-top UWE Illustration and Animation students. The event was at the newly built Bristol and Bath Science Park.

Our task to illustrate themes of science and innovation across some large letters spelling "INNOVATION SHOWCASE". I dived in on the letter 'W' with lots of test tubes flowing towards the charming drawings of Liv Bargman. And managed to get in a chap pulling out optical illusions and thoughts from his head, reflecting the idea of coming up with new, mind-boggling ideas!
It was a very different kind of live-drawing day, tough on the knees and fantastic to be working alongside a group of talented illustrators who I'd not met before.