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22 November 2011

All things POP-UP!

(Drawing on the A-board for the shop, the night before the launch)
Where to start!? Recent times have been very exciting for the Bristol-based (obviously) collective Drawn in Bristol. Not only has the website launched, the blog (follow it gang!) is also looking lovely, and an online shop is on the way too.
(Snapped chatting away with co-members Alexia Tucker and Carys-Ink on the launch night)
To top it all Drawn in Bristol have opened the doors of their very own Pop-Up Shop, smack bang in the heart of Bristol's shopping centre - nip round the back of the skating rink to spot us - Quakers Friars, BS1 3BU.
(A new tee of mine on pre-release by Vapour sandwiched between the incredible work of Tom Berry)
(Screen printed cards - limited run of 15 per design - only £3 each)
Already over a week in and prints, toys and all sorts of wonderfully illustrated items have been flying out of the shop in the eager clutches of discerning shoppers. I've a whole selection of prints, cards, framed originals and t-shirts for you to pick from - although be quick, as the shop is only open til 3rd December!! There's even a shop PARTY this Thursday evening (24th) from 6pm, with a bar and live drawing from members Laurie Stansfield, Emily Daly and possibly Tom Berry and myself weighing in too (Click here for more info).
(Adding some doodles to the window last Saturday)