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27 April 2011

Deep Into The Woods - Sneaky Peek

I'm off to the woods, or rather Start Gallery (above Start The Bus) in Bristol for a brand NEW exhibition with a lovely group of illustration types from around the country, called DEEP INTO THE WOODS.

In support of The Woodland Trust, the opening night is going to have some suspicious looking DJs and live music from Feel The Folk's Heg Doughty & Lizzie Murray.
May Day (May 1st) from 6.30pm.  Click here to RSVP.

OK then, here's some sneaky peeks of some of the work I'm including and following that a time-lapse video of Henry St Leger and I drawing some not so subtle advertising for the show at last week's gradgallery.co.uk exhibition night.  Twit-twoooo!

"Let The Sounds Of Music Creep In Our Ears" (crop)

"Swapping Games" (crop)

"We Were Never Bored" (crop)