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31 March 2011

Harbourside Market - illustrated map & design work

Bristol is to have a brand NEW Market running alongside the harbour on a stretch of water known as 'St. Augustine's Reach'. The launch is happening on 29th April - 1st May and is part of a weekend of events called 'Harbourside Starts Here'. Check here for more info.

The challenge for me was to draw an illustrated map for the area showing where the market will be and the other attractions around it, as well as design the associated flyers, posters and logos. Sadly, I couldn't afford a balloon trip over the area, so had to rely on google maps and my own photography and wanderings around the area to achieve the "bird's eye" view.

28 March 2011

Live Drawing with Iain Sellar

It was a great pleasure to draw with Mister Iain Sellar today in the relative quietness of a day-time conference at Bristol's Watershed. The event, (learn more at Connecting Bristol) hosted by Bristol City Council’s Futures Team, held a strategic round-table exploring the vision of Bristol as a Smart and Connected City in 2020.

Our brief was to capture some of the themes discussed during the conference. Here are the results.

10 March 2011

Editorial for short story "The Cloudless Blue"

Another editorial for 'The Sunday Express Magazine', this time for a short story entitled "The Cloudless Blue" (written by Lucy Caldwell) about a teenage girl who witnesses her usually emotionless father crying, before leaving for his work. The title derives from a piece of poetry, which has been a source of comfort to the father.

8 March 2011

BOY album

BOY are a 4-piece acapella girl group, who officially had their last gig sometime last year, but keep sneaking back out, on special request! Towards the end of their life together as a band, they recorded their one and ONLY album, which is finally seeing the light of day. I had the pleasure of re-using an old image of mine as part of the album artwork, as well as composing and shooting the photos which make up the rest of the design.

The album comprises of nine songs and is a fantastic recording of the voices of Blythe Pepino, Jen Bell, Misha Law & Ellie Rusbridge. The inside-cover photo shows the hand-written lyrics to the songs, along with some drawings from the band and other ephemera.

The limited edition album is available for a mere £10 from Ellie Rusbridge - drop her an email to get your copy: ellie-rose-@hotmail.com

As well as their myspace, you can also hear songs from the album on these Feel the Folk mixtapes, which I've put together.

2 March 2011

Collaberation Nation - 4 phases

Been up to all manner of interesting projects recently, some of which I can't mention. One that I can is the ongoing work for Collaberation Nation, where groups of illustrators and image-makers work on an image together "chain-letter" style.

The project is about to head into it's second outing, which I'll be working on as well.

Below are pictures from the first stage starting with my drawing of a skull made of ravens, then added to by Tom Hine, Cami Dobrin and SPZero76 AND finally coloured in by myself. (also included here are two stages which I added to (some odd naked bodies and some wasps crawling out of the ground!).