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23 April 2010

Logo / Myspace / Imagery for LACE ON LIPSTICK

Bristol-based acapella trio LACE ON LIPSTICK are launching out into the musical world, hopefully aided by some images from my illustration desk. Part of the job also involved designing the myspace for the group. Click here to view the page (myspace.com/laceonlipstick)

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21 April 2010

Marvelous Mud images for Cbeebies 'Story Train'

Cbeebies have been broadcasting the episode featuring my illustrations for the 'Marvelous Mud' story. The next broadcast is on April 26th at 6pm. Below are some screen shots, some originals and a video clip from the episode. All images are (c) Story Train Ltd.

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12 April 2010

7 April 2010

Editorial piece - Fat Friends

An editorial illustration published in the Sunday Express Magazine article on those white lies that friends of overweight people might say.

6 April 2010

Wild Animals

Various animals, hand-painted, for non-fictional information books published with Quarto.

2 April 2010

Two For Joy - Folk Tour - Poster & Flyers

Joe from 'The Magpie's Nest' & 'Two For Joy' requested artwork for the UK tour, with elements open to be used in ongoing promotion for 'Two For Joy'. Below are the initial roughs, the tour poster and individual flyer for the London and for the Bristol gig (which I most certainly will be attending). Click here for more info.

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