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2 August 2010

Preparation for the Big Chill Festival

This weekend is the Big Chill Festival and I'm collaborating with electronic producer LUKAS and VJs LUMEN & OCD for a unique performance on the British Film Institute stage, Friday night.

Drawing live onto a semi-translucent table-top of my own creation, the footage is captured from underneath and fed into the VJs laptops, where it will be chopped up and looped back in time with the live production of Lukas, creating a layered mixture of visuals in response to
the broad theme of "Sci-Fi", which we've been given to work with. See the official line-up on the Big Chill website (click here). We're on after the movie 'The Terminator'.

Below are some pictures of our preparation work so far. We'll be capturing a video and photos of the stage area, with the drawings projected onto the huge cinema screen, as the backdrop, and will post it up here after the weekend.