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4 March 2010

Poster for FEEL THE FOLK!

For the past few years I've been promoting/booking several musical nights around Bristol, but this year have cut down on such delights to work full-time on the illustrations. I couldn't quite let go though, and have kept one night in hand, that being the charming FEEL THE FOLK! event. Happening occasionally (roughly every three months) the night is my opportunity to program 3 acts who are all equally brilliant and wrap it all up in the nice little bubble-of-a-venue, which is the 'Hold Bar' at Grain Barge on the water ways of Bristol. The next event is on March 26th and has a stunning line-up: ADELAIDE'S CAPE, PEPINO & PETE ROE. (Facebook Link). Of course, I get my illustrator fingers all over the promotional artwork too...

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