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26 October 2009

Jigsaw Battle

Many years ago I was clearly killing time and plonked together a 1500 jigsaw pieces to make up a classic puzzle of the battle ship 'The Royale'. It's been gathering a fine layer of dust, tucked away behind my drawing board, held together with sticky-back plastic. But now, I hope, it's been given a little bit of a new lease of life with some added characters invading the turmoil of the battle. Perhaps more will be added or perhaps this is an experiment gone wrong. I'm not sure yet, but here it is for your amusement...

21 October 2009

Indian Mask

A drawing for an Indian-themed masked party. I've attempted to combine some different elements of that culture, by working Indian patterns as henna with the decorated elephant. The eye hole forms part of the rug design on the back of the elephant. I've then mirrored the one drawing to create the mask.

19 October 2009

Live drawing with Simon Mills

DRAWN RECORDINGS is an exciting night that happens in Bristol and Simon Mills and I did some live drawing at the last one. There is a time lapse video here (or click onto my Facebook page), which is quite fun to watch.

18 October 2009

Collaborating with Paul Roberts & Seb Burnett

Paul Roberts has some of his work in the Tobacco Factory, as part of the THEMLOT collective exhibition. He happened to be down in Bristol this afternoon and we thought we'd sit down and crack out a bit of a collaborative drawing. We got the right honorable Seb Burnett to get involved too and these are the results, spread across two bits of A2 paper.

14 October 2009