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26 August 2009

1984 // Sci-Fi Mix

Above, a self-initiated piece on George Orwell's 1984, digitally tweeked for 2009. (Featured in my exhibition 'Cover it UP!' from earlier this year)

Also the boys of 'SPECIAL WEDNESDAY' have knocked together a Sci-Fi mix that is well worth the download...

And if you need some more blogging news from me then check out

21 August 2009

Pete Cranston Photoshoot

The very professional photographer, Pete Cranston, requested a photoshoot of yours truly with some of my birds dotted about. Here are the results (click on a photo to view larger). BOYS WHO DRAW

17 August 2009

Birdboy skateboard

Birdboy got out his paint brush and did the back of a skateboard for the 'DECKED' exhibition happening very soon on Brick Lane in London. (this deck is still available to buy: dave@davebain.com)

13 August 2009

Drawing for Folkwood Website

Folkwood, a new independent music label for up-and-coming folk musicians, asked me to do a drawing for their new website, which is still in development. They've kindly allowed me to upload my image on here in advance of their launch. Keep an eye on their site to see it in place:


9 August 2009

6 August 2009

UK/London Story

A major Korean publisher commissioned me to do the UK based story for their new "Round The World" Geography Box Set.

Here are the first 5 images for that book, starting with the cover. In brief, the story is about a boy who decides to take his sister's artwork, that she forgot, to her at school. On his travels he picks up various objects, some of which he uses, and passes various London landmarks.

See more images here(1) & here(2)

(Click on each image to view at a larger size)


4 August 2009

Images for Norman Crumb

I've recently had the pleasure of creating a visual identity for NORMAN CRUMB and his extraordinary adventures. His first one is for those who like to get all piratey, so loads of fun visual things to play around with. For those around in Bristol on the 12th September, then it's well worth checking out the actual event (tickets are selling from Bristol Ticket Shop).


3 August 2009

BOYS WHO DRAW ~ Take over!

This month I'm taking over the 'BOYS WHO DRAW' blog. I'll still be posting bits up on this blog, but I recommend you take a peek at the most fabulour 'BWD' site. They are a lovely bunch of boys...