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3 July 2009

Catching up on lost time:

NEW images coming soon....


It's been a hectic three months or so since I last gave you some news from the land of Dave Bain Illustration. I'm currently moving house, within Bristol, and will be hooked up to internet very soon, at which point I'll upload lots of new images for your thoughts and browsing pleasure.

1) Exhibitions 'Cover it Up!' and 'SBA Trail 2009' both went well and received lots of positive feedback. Prints were sold and that made me a happy boy. I also hung some small BIRDBOY drawings in 'Start the Bus' during June. One drawing was stolen: a fantastic compliment - although what sort of person steals a piece of art?

2) I'm currently finishing a long-term book project, but cannot reveal much more than that at this stage. I'll post up the images as soon as I've had them cleared.

3) I've completed a couple of jobs under the BIRDBOY name recently. One for an independent record label called Folkwood and the other for a local hotel/restaurant. These images I will post up as soon as I've had them cleared.

4) A BIRDBOY piece was sold through my Facebook Fan Page in a bit of a bidding war. I'll be doing this again for another orginal, framed piece - probably in a few weeks time.

5) I've just completed the artwork for the first of 'Norman Crumb's Extraordinary Adventures'. Again, I'll post up the images as soon as I get the thumbs up from Norman.

6) My next exhibition is 'DECKED' (a group show). We've just been spotlighted on the home page of Channel 4's Big Art Mob! Check it out here
http://www.bigartmob.com so feel free to leave some comments!

7) I'm selling the 'Slipping Through' Image as a greetings card. Click here for more info.

8) I'm now also part of the 'BOYS WHO DRAW' collective and have drawn them the first banner on their blog.

9) Entrail's Zine published one of my images in their most recent issue.

10) There's a few bits and bobs that have currently slipped my mind, but as soon as I'm settled into the new place, then I'll get them up on here! Hope you're all enjoying the summer sun and haven't melted into a messy puddle of sweat and ice cream!!