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4 December 2009

Featured in CRACK magazine issue 3

Sat down with Tom Frost the other day so he could ask me a bunch of questions, which then got written up into a nice little article for the superb new(ish) magazine CRACK. You can pick up a free copy of issue 3 from a number of bars, shops and clubs around Bristol. For those who can't I've included the images and text below.

If you happen to be in Bristol on the evening of Saturday 5th December, then nip along to the 'Square Club' in Clifton for the launch party of issue 3. I'll be there obviously.

1 December 2009

Live Drawing with Simon Mills & Ben Steers

DRAWN RECORDINGS held another tip-top evening of live music and live drawing. Simon Mills and I took to the paper with pens and had along the very amiable and talented Ben Steers. Working on all parts of the paper together we created a mountain of doodles and characters topped off by a conquering flag adorned with the DRAWN logo. Fun!

17 November 2009

Alphabits: The Letter 'L'

Julian James of BOYS WHO DRAW is putting together a very jolly project featuring 26 illustrators. It's called 'Alphabits' and it's going to be the best collaborative, alphabet poster you ever clapped your eyes on! Raising money for the 'Children In Need' charity, all our efforts can be seen on a website (coming soon!) and available to purchase, in the form of the poster.

I was given the letter 'L' and loony kids laughing in long johns emerged sometime later.
tee hee

9 November 2009

Ellie Cryer is Oh Gosh Sorry!

Bristol-based illustrator Ellie Cryer has started a blog with lots of things that make her go "Oh Gosh Sorry"!!

There is plenty to inspire and get all excited about. I recommend having a look and definitely clicking the "Follow" button to keep up to speed with her quick thinking wit and charm. She's also stonkin' good at drawing too...

5 November 2009

Queensbury Hotel & Olive Tree Restaurant Images

The Queensbury Hotel & Olive Tree Restaurant have just had a brand new design face-lift and I was given the intricate job of carefully rendering and adapting two archive illustrations. The first is two women having a bit of a fight. And the second is a cheerful Victorian gent with a boxing glove to hand!

Have a nosey on their website to view the drawings in context. See if you can spot the cheeky animation of the boxing gent.

4 November 2009

It's The Christmas Production Line!

I was set a mini-challange to create an illustration for a possible Christmas market and was given little themes to include in the artwork. It's a bit of an experiment and slightly different from my other drawings, but I had fun doing it and I think I may do some more images like this perhaps.

3 November 2009

CAKE in the next Doodlezine

Doodlezine issue 3 is out soon and the theme is going to be doodled text. I did a piece about on of my favourite things...

26 October 2009

Jigsaw Battle

Many years ago I was clearly killing time and plonked together a 1500 jigsaw pieces to make up a classic puzzle of the battle ship 'The Royale'. It's been gathering a fine layer of dust, tucked away behind my drawing board, held together with sticky-back plastic. But now, I hope, it's been given a little bit of a new lease of life with some added characters invading the turmoil of the battle. Perhaps more will be added or perhaps this is an experiment gone wrong. I'm not sure yet, but here it is for your amusement...

21 October 2009

Indian Mask

A drawing for an Indian-themed masked party. I've attempted to combine some different elements of that culture, by working Indian patterns as henna with the decorated elephant. The eye hole forms part of the rug design on the back of the elephant. I've then mirrored the one drawing to create the mask.

19 October 2009

Live drawing with Simon Mills

DRAWN RECORDINGS is an exciting night that happens in Bristol and Simon Mills and I did some live drawing at the last one. There is a time lapse video here (or click onto my Facebook page), which is quite fun to watch.

18 October 2009

Collaborating with Paul Roberts & Seb Burnett

Paul Roberts has some of his work in the Tobacco Factory, as part of the THEMLOT collective exhibition. He happened to be down in Bristol this afternoon and we thought we'd sit down and crack out a bit of a collaborative drawing. We got the right honorable Seb Burnett to get involved too and these are the results, spread across two bits of A2 paper.

14 October 2009

3 September 2009

Wonderland - Exhibition - Preparation

The excitement about the third 'INKYGOODNESS' show is building. Called 'WONDERLAND' the exhibition is going to be at 'The Custard Factory' in Birmingham. Featuring a rather impressive amount of illustrators and image makers, I think it's going to be a bit special! I'm putting the finishing touches to a few pieces for the occasion and have uploaded a little sneaky peek of some of the work in progress. What could it be....?