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6 March 2008

Sally's Organic Puddings

I like cake. So, much fun was had not only baking some of these fine suggestions from the fictional "Sally", but also in creating this self-initiated set of illustrations to go with them.

If you fancy making you're own 'Banana and Walnut Cake' then the ingredients are:
3 ripe bananas
9oz wholewheat flour
3tsp baking powder
2oz chopped walnuts
4oz raw cane sugar
4fl oz sunflower oil
2 free range eggs

Mash bananas and mix together with rest of ingredients. Place in greased and lined 7" or 8" cake tin and bake for 45 mins at Gas Mark 3 (170 C). (Recipe courtesy of 'Spill the Beans - Wholefood Recipe Book')