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20 March 2008

New drawing - Grow Together

A little while back John Stanbury invited me to put a few artworks into the Advice To Sink In Slowly project, an initiative to provide new students with motivational posters, that hopefully might help them through their time at university. A jolly decent idea.

This week I put together another idea for a poster focusing on the ethos of that project. I worked from a series of photos taken of my hands intertwined with friends, with the idea of plants and growth in mind. A composite of these hand photos provided the reference for a full drawing, which I then digitally coloured.

15 March 2008

A gift for a friend

This is a little artwork in tribute to the wonderfully talented Gabriele Beveridge.

She creates lovely things, which you can view here.

12 March 2008

Southbank Arts Trail 2008

I'll be popping up new artwork featuring birdlife for the fantastic South Bristol Arts Trail.

10 - 11 May 2008.

You can find me at Tobacco Factory and 1 Allington Road.

6 March 2008

Sally's Organic Puddings

I like cake. So, much fun was had not only baking some of these fine suggestions from the fictional "Sally", but also in creating this self-initiated set of illustrations to go with them.

If you fancy making you're own 'Banana and Walnut Cake' then the ingredients are:
3 ripe bananas
9oz wholewheat flour
3tsp baking powder
2oz chopped walnuts
4oz raw cane sugar
4fl oz sunflower oil
2 free range eggs

Mash bananas and mix together with rest of ingredients. Place in greased and lined 7" or 8" cake tin and bake for 45 mins at Gas Mark 3 (170 C). (Recipe courtesy of 'Spill the Beans - Wholefood Recipe Book')

5 March 2008

Mr Tash

This week I've been living in the imaginary world of Mr Tash and what wonderful creations he might like to carve out of his fine chin growth.

Perhaps advertising copy for this could describe the benefits of 'Mr. Tash's Wonderful Shaving Styles' as follows...

If you are a chap, then why not try some of these most splendid, inventive shapes that Mr. Tash has come up with. 

Or for the self-aware lady, who doesn't want to be left out of the latest fashionable circles, then there is the easy-to-apply 'Stick On Tash'. 
Skip on down to your local store quickly, before this genuine and truly fantastic product gets completely snapped up.

You know... for fun (and for my portfolio)